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Under deportation in Canada (need advice)
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Posted - 11/22/2005 :  18:11:49  Show Profile
Hi everybody.

I need some advice as soon as possible.

I was single while I submitted my docs for immigration into Canadian consulate abroad. After 1 year being in process (since my file was created) I unexpectedly got married. It was just passion and nothing more. Two singles just decided to get married.

After 2 months of living together we had realized that we are too different and our marriage is mistake. But my “wife” was so nice with me and said that she will help me at least to get the US residence and wont to divorce me until I receive it.

Also I was not sure if I will pass immigration process or not.

We got separated, own places to live and never came back to each other. She got a boyfriend and so did I.

After one year since we separated I was invited for an immigration interview and never been asked about my family situation on it. In 9 months later I landed to Canada and again nobody asked me if I`m married or not.

Honestly according the law of my native country if you are living separate for more than 1 year you are officially divorced and that is no problem.

I didn’t know if I have to inform Canadian authorities if I broke-up with my wife, even though she never wanted to apply to Canada. Because my US residence interview must held in 2 weeks before my Canadian visa must expire, I choose to go to Canada. Right know Im self-employed and financial secure.

I went to my native country and got a divorce as it was required and also the US refused my residence application as well.

Now I received a letter from CIC that Im under investigation for misrepresentation on application for landing in Canada. So what I have to do right know? Please give me some advice!!!!


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Posted - 11/23/2005 :  13:07:52  Show Profile

Hire an experienced immigration lawyer, you will need it.



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Posted - 11/23/2005 :  13:14:51  Show Profile
Hello there,

PMM is right. You should look into getting some legal advice. You can find some information on how to find an experienced Immigration Lawyer here:

How do I find a lawyer?

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.

Settlement.Org Information and Referral Specialist

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