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Just found out about my Pregnancy
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Posted - 12/12/2005 :  03:11:27  Show Profile
Hi everybody!
I really need your views on this one:
My husband (principal applicant) and I had our Medical Exam last May,2005, we have paid the Right Of Landing Fee and have complied to all the requirements that the visa officer has requested from us. Though they haven't asked for our passports yet (for visa issuance) we are expecting that they soon will and that we will get the visa early of next year since our Medical Results will be expiring on May,2006.
The thing is, I just learned that I'm 2 months pregnant now and my due date will be in July,2006. Currently, Im really confused of how my situation will affect our application. Please help, I really need your inputs on this one. Do we need to inform the embassy that Im pregnant? If we do, will this delay our landing? If there's no need to inform them, are we going to face problems with the Immigration Officer in Canada once we land and they found out that Im pregnant? Pls. help.


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Posted - 12/12/2005 :  11:36:05  Show Profile

im my opinion and experience, pregnancy is a BLESSING and you have every right to get pregnant and have babies...congratulation.
You need to inform the Embassy where your file is. This may or may not change the processing time, at least it will not have any negative effect at all.
All the best



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Posted - 12/12/2005 :  11:46:06  Show Profile
Hello there,

You can also find a question from a user in a similar situation here:

Pregnancy and Visa

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.

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Posted - 12/12/2005 :  12:39:14  Show Profile

Actually it should not effect the posters situation if they are issued a COPR with a validity to the medical May 2006. They can "land" within the validity of the visa and since the due date is July/06 she still would be able to travel. The problem would be that they should try and land more than 3 months prior to the due date, so that the delivery would be covered under a medical plan. (depends on the province as to the 3 months waiting period.)




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Posted - 12/13/2005 :  10:39:48  Show Profile
Friesen, Anna and PMM - thank you so much for the response.

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