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How do I add my married last name to my PR card?
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Posted - 04/11/2011 :  17:08:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am new landed immigrant. I have my first name as K***** in Indian passport and there was no last name on it.

When I got my Confirmation of permanent residence and later on PR card , it does not bear the first name and bears only last name as K***** . As per CIC authorities, this is not the mistake at their end. As the passport had only one name , the CIC had to mandatorily put that name in surname column.

Now all my provincial ids viz health card and Driving Licence have no first name and "K*****" as my last name.

Issue :
Now I want to change my name in my health card , driving licence and PR card after marriage. name amendment will be first name ie K***** and last name i.e. A**** which is my husband last name .As per CIC, i have to get my provincial ids changed first and then PR card can be amended.

Please let me know how to get about it as I have visited OHIP office but they are not ready to do it on basis of marriage certificate as there is already last name "K*****" in their records and there is no first name. With marriage certificate, only last name "K*****" can be amended.

I have been in Ontario for last 4 months .


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Posted - 04/14/2011 :  14:56:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Thanks for sharing your situation and question with us.

To change your name on your documents you have a few options, and a few stages for each.

In order to change your PR card to have your original name corrected, you can Request to amend your Record of Landing or your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5218) to make corrections.

According to the CIC website you may be able to have your original name corrected in the following situations:

"Errors in the following information may be corrected:

-Family name
-Given name(s)
-Date of birth
-Place of birth
-Country of birth
-Marital status
-Date or original entry
-Date of landing"

You must be able to provide supporting documents which show your given name and original family name (in addition to your Indian passport).

If you are unable to ammend your record of landing in this way, you may still be able to add your married name as your new family name to your PR Card if you obtain a Formal Name Change . You can find more information on the CIC website

However, your record of landing will not be corrected in this way.

With your updated PR Card, Marriage and Change of Name Certificate you can update your OHIP and Driver's Licence with your married name (and correct placement of your given/first name).

For more information about updating your OHIP card with your married name, you can visit the OHIP website .

And for more information about updating your Driver's Licence with your married name, you can visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website .

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.


Settlement.Org Team


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Posted - 07/30/2011 :  02:25:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, my husband is in a similar predicament to the above lady's situation. His COPR has an incomplete last name due to system limitations. Thus, all his Canada issued cards have the incomplete last name. If he submits a Request to amend his landing docs as you suggested and it is approved,

1) what is the NEXT STEP to change all his cards names?

2) HOW LONG does the process usually take?

As it is, his application for an Ontario drivers license with 24 months experience was rejected because the names in his PR card and his embassy certification of driving experience did not match. He was forced to forego the 24 months experience due to his name.

3) When we take a trip to the U.S. via commercial carrier, will he be able to REENTER Canada with his PR card and passport names as different? You have to wait one full year of residency before you can request for a formal name change. Our tickets to the US are booked for Dec.

4) What are the ODDS for my husband to straighten out this name error on the landing document before the trip and amend the PR Car?

The combined problems of system space limitation on names and the arbitrary cutting of names in the middle together have the potential for disaster if not rectified. I hope you can help clarify and ease our concerns.

Landed: Feb. 2011

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