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IAD Appeal against deportation order at POE
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Posted - 07/26/2006 :  06:10:53  Show Profile
Dear All
Few important querries about IAD appeal if reported for loss of residency at POE.

* How long it take to get decision in IAD appeal.

* Do we really need a lawyer( highly un affordable) to support the appeal or the community service is enough to deal with the matter.

* Can any buddy get me the format of application needed to file appeal with IAD.

* The days spent in Canada after this appeal are counted for residency purpose or not.

* How is the attitude of CIC in such cases.Is it a waste ful excercise.

I request a senior moderator may shed light on this topic because ther are few care less people who do not understand the importance of papers, consider all these are meant for garbage only.





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Posted - 08/01/2006 :  12:52:01  Show Profile
Hello Kundimaar,

We have contacted our Immigrantion and Refugee Expert with your question.

According to our Immigration and Refugee Expert, you can have a lawyer or consultant represent you at the IAD or you can self-represent.

The Notice of Appeal form is available from the website of the Immigration and Refugee Board at:


Go to "Forms' at the top of the homepage and you will find Notice of Appeal Forms there.

Choose the appropriate form and review the instructions. You may personally submit the Notice of Appeal form to the IAD at 74 Victoria Street in Toronto.

This is definitely not a wasteful exercise. The IAD can consider both the law and any humanitarian grounds.

You may wish to telephone the IAD directly at 416 954 6782 and ask about the timeframe involved in the appeal process.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.

Settlement.Org Information and Referral Specialist, CIRS


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Posted - 08/04/2006 :  02:45:37  Show Profile
Dear Anna

Thanks a lot. I was expecting a respose from U. This is truely not the case of breach of residency obligation in five year span.

It is the case of proving your self in Canada in absence of documentry evidence like financial receipts/ transactions etc.

I am researching Or assessing my going again to Canada in view of loss of important documents and the un ending demands of such documents at POE.

Please let me know that the days after preparation of report at POE are counted for residency obligation or not.




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