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Work Permit - Joining free ESL classes?
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Posted - 09/19/2006 :  14:24:23  Show Profile
I have only work permit visa, and I'm planing to live and work in Canada for a next 2 years. But I still can't applay for canadian citizeship.

Can I join english classes for free?


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Posted - 09/19/2006 :  15:37:45  Show Profile
I have only work permit visa, and I'm planing to live and work in Canada for a next 2 years. But I still can't applay for canadian citizeship. Can I join english classes for free?
Free ESL classes are generally available for people with the following resident status:

Permanent Resident of Canada (Landed Immigrant) or Convention Refugee (or a newcomer who has been allowed to remain in Canada, to whom CIC intends to grant permanent resident status and who has not acquired Canadian citizenship)

It is not likely that you will be able to access ESL classes for free with temporary non-resident status, such as a work permit visa.

Existing ESL providers may offer their ESL classes for a fee. For example, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) offers ESL for a fee to non-residents:

"Non-resident students (including visitors to Canada and persons in Canada on a student visa) who wish to enroll in a program are required to pay a course fee. This fee is $6.00 (+ 6% G.S.T.) per instructional hour and must be paid, prior to registration, at one of the adult ESL administration centres. Course fees are payable by certified cheque or money order or cash to the Toronto District School Board. You may register for a course for a minimum of 2 weeks. Course fees are nonrefundable. For further information about registration requirements and course fees, please contact the Continuing Education Office at 416-338-4300."

Find out more in their ESL Brochure (PDF format - 2.25 MB, 56 pages - make take some time to load)

Main ESL link on the TDSB site:

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) offers similar classes for the same fee:

For information call Leena DiNoto: (416) 222-8282 ext. 2429
e-mail: leena.dinoto@tcdsb.org

You can contact any existing ESL provider to find out what they might charge. Find links here:

How can I improve my English?

See the links at the bottom of the page for some free online ESL resources. They might be useful for you to study on your own as well.

WoodGreen Community Services


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Posted - 09/19/2006 :  22:00:54  Show Profile
Marco: How can I attend ESL at Waterloo? Do you have the website?



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Posted - 09/19/2006 :  22:53:44  Show Profile
To attend in Waterloo you should start with the local settlement agency. They can help you find the right place to start.

Waterloo doesn't currently have an online database of organizations that I can link you to.

You could also contact the YMCA Language Assessment centre directly:

They should be able to help you find a class.

Dave Montague
Web Coordinator
OCASI, Settlement.Org

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