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Permanent Resident - Child born overseas 

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Posted On: 12/23/2015
Posts: 226
1. Yes - you can sponsor your child.
2. Yes - you can apply for another TRV. However there likely isn't much point as it will most likely be refused again. If you want to apply again, try for a TRP instead.
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Posted On: 5/8/2018
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Thank you for detailed procedure.

I am in the same boat.

Could you please be kind enough to send me any kind of letter formats or sample invitation letter and cover letter that you prepared & the link to the application forms.

Your help will be much appreciated.

For the consent form, did your husband send the original copy to you from Canada to India? I read somewhere that they do no accept FAX/Scan copy of the consent form.

I will highly appreciate if you could please respond back to me soon.


shilpa wrote:
My 5 months old daughter just got a Visitor Visa (V1 category) to Canada. It took only 3 days to process. I'm writing down the details of the application and documents we submitted. Both Parents are PR holders and Baby was born in India. Application was submitted in Delhi through VFS. Father lives in Canada and Mother is in India with the baby.

1. Documents attached (Xerox)
• Passport, PR Card, - both parents
• Dr. License (for address proof)
• Employment – Employment Agreement/Contract, Paystubs or cheque (Last 2)
• Finance – Bank Statements (last 3 months)
• Tax – T4 and Notice of Assessments –of the employed parent/s

2. Application Forms filled and Submitted
• Visitor Visa application form: I entered 1 year for the duration of stay under the Details of Visit section along with the reason as ‘Joining Parents’. Entered ‘NA’ for Employment details.
• Family Information form: Details of the applicant (Baby) + Details of both parents.
• VFS Consent form (Only if done through VFS)

3. Letters attached
• Invitation Letter: A formal letter inviting the baby to travel and live with me. Specified where we will live and how to support financially.
• Cover Letter: I stated my intention of sponsoring my daughter as soon as they land here. Also specified that it will be hard to stay without my family. And I stated that should the Visa be denied, I would like to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit as a backup.
• Consent Form for minor to travel with one parent: In my case, my wife will be travelling with the child without me.
4. Processing Days
• Day 1: Submitted at VFS, Delhi
• Day 2: Received at Canadian Consulate
• Day 4: Processed and Dispatched
• Day 5: Passport received with V1 Category Visa (6 months)