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PR living abroad with Canadian citizen for 9 years 

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Posted On: 1/28/2018
Posts: 6
Hi Aysh,

You may also provide credit card bills, bank account statements having your address mentioned. In addition , school fee receipts or reports , birth certificate of kids who are Canadian citizens but born abroad etc can also be helpful.

hope it helps.


Aysh wrote:
haroonalpl wrote:

I finally got the PRTD from Canadian embassy in UAE. We were quite uncertain about the putcome as it took embassy about two months to decide. Probably due to my long absence from Canada (around 9 years) they scrutinized each and every document (and historicla records etc).

we provided three different type of proves of residensial address like internet bill, electrcity bill, and lease agreement of apartment. In addition you can also provide credit card bills, bank account statement, photocopy of driving licence etc.

Hope it helps.

Hello Haroonalpl,

Your post was very helpful. As my situation is pretty much same like you as i am planning to go back to Canada.

Would you suggest any additional list of the documents (other then proves of residence which you already mentioned) they asked. So i will have it well head of time.

I appreciate for your reply and any suggestions.

Thanks again