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Residency Obligations & PR Card Renewal 

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Posted On: 8 days ago
Posts: 4
Dear Sir/Madam

Good Day..
I have a question and just want to clarify something related to some earlier post.

It was mentioned in one of the post that "once we enter Canada the officer may calculate 5 years back from the date you have entered or reentered Canada"

1. My question: If I re-enter in the Canada after 3 years from my first landing and still 2 years remaining, how in this case he will see 5 years history as these are just 3 years.

2. First time i entered Canada on March 19, 2015, and left on April 10, 2015. I want to re-enter in Canada in Feb 2018 to drop my family. Will officer will ask me any question about my stay outside Canada, that why I was outside for so long?? Secondly If I leave in 10days after dropping my family and re enter again after 6 months will they allow me to enter Canada since i will be short to complete 730days.
3. Can i enter Canada on the last day of my PR card expiry, then stay 2 years and again apply for PR Card renewal.?
4. If my PR card expires while staying in Canada, will i be legally allowed to stay and continue till i complete the remaining days of residency obligation for PR renewal (Note; i already have a SIN number.)