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Permanent Resident Card Renewal and R-1 visa 

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Posted On: 22 days ago
Posts: 1

My Japanese mother lived in Canada for about 5 years and then moved to Japan for over 10 years with my father who is a Canadian citizen.

My mother's PR card expired 10 years ago and now since I am in Canada, she is thinking of renewing it in order to visit me. She is in Canada now through an R-1 visa, although maybe in the future thinking of wanting to live in Canada (At the moment, my parents still have work in Japan).

She already submitted the documents in last month, although she does not meet the 2 years within the last 5 years residency requirement.

Her processing status did not show up when we checked on the website recently, and she did not receive any emails from cic so far.

My questions are:

1. Is she eligible to apply for a PR card renewal? (Are there exceptions to the residency obligation and would she apply to that?)

2. If she is eligible, how long would the whole process take from when she submits her documents/around when would she get her PR card and would she need to be in Canada physically during the whole processing time?

3. Is it correct that to check the processing status on the cic website, the ID number (on an old PR card) goes under Client ID Number? (we tried as PR Card Number and it did not work)

4. The R-1 visa expires in 6 months, but can you apply for it multiple times? If so, would it be harder to obtain it after the first time?

5. If she is not eligible right now, can she keep using the R-1 visa and apply for PR card later?

Thank you in advance.