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Permanent Resident Card - Photo Submission 

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Posted On: 17 days ago
Posts: 1
I wonder if anyone can help here.
I have done a soft landing on March 7th.

Since then I had to come back to my home country without getting the Permanent Resident cards for my family.
On April 19th, my wife and I received a letter asking for our pictures to be resubmitted as the original photos were not according to the requested standard.

We were asked to include the letters we had received with the photos.

At that time, we did not receive the same letters concerning my 2 sons ID photos.

However, to be in the safe side, I have included new pictures for my kids along with my photos.

Last week, (after we sent the pictures) we eventually received two letters asking for new pictures for my sons.

My question is:
Do I now need to send new pictures for my kids? or the (same) pictures I had sent along with my pictures before I got requested are enough?

I would really appreciate you response before the deadline expires in early June.