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Rules of shared Laundry 

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Posted On: 13 days ago
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We have agreed with our basement tenants on what days and times we should use the laundry.

But recently the basement tenants have been locking the door to access the basement towards the laundry room.

Although they have agreed to let us use the laundry certain times, they fail to follow the procedures ( meaning they did not unlock the door on time for us to do the laundry).

This has caused a chaos due to us unlocking it ourselves and asking for permission to use the laundry, even though the door that accesses the basement remains on our floor (top).

How should we resolve this problem? Who has more rights to access ?

and Is it fair that they lock the door and fail to unlock it on time?

They accused us of trespassing and threatening us they will go to the police. Should we contact out landlord?