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Transferring to a Psychiatrist in Ontario 

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Posted On: 12 days ago

I've been living in Quebec for the past four years where I'm followed by a psychiatrist for Bipolar Disorder. I take meds everyday and discontinuing the treatment would have serious consequences on my mental health.

I'm about to move to Toronto for work in three short weeks (I just found out yesterday) and now I'm concerned about finding a new psychiatrist. I only have enough meds left for a month and a half before I run out and I heard finding a psychiatrist in Toronto is a long and painful process.

Should I have my psychiatrist in Quebec refer me to another one in Ontario?
Do I need to see a regular doctor in Ontario to get a new referral to a psychiatrist?
Since I've already seen a psychiatrist, can I just make an appointment directly with a psychiatrist?
Will mental health clinic be able to renew my prescription?

Any advice on how to make this transition smooth (and as quick as possible!!) will be greatly appreciated!