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Need Help to Correct a Mistake Made on Application 

fred f
fred f
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Posted On: 14 days ago
fred f
fred f
Posts: 1
Good day.

I have a question which I was hoping someone could guide me on here .

I’ve recently submitted an application to sponsor my wife to come to Canada, however after a long wait and speaking to an agent @ CIC, I just realized I make a mistake on application I submitted.

My wife is currently here in Canada visiting me and will be leaving soon to go back to her country. At the time we submitted my application we want this to be “outside Canada” application since she doesn’t live here. On application we submitted by mistake we chose “inside Canada”. This unfortunately put a risk on my wife wanting to leave and returning back to Canada as from what I understand the officer at border services may or may not allow her to return back to Canada.

I submitted on CIC online form and explained our intention was to apply through “outside Canada”, however I haven’t heard back yet.
My question is what options do I have.
My wife’s temporarily visa expires in 3 weeks and she has a flight booked to leave Canada.

I really don’t want to withdraw my application and start over again (it was way too painful to go through all the application & paperwork we did)

Do case officer do have authority to make a change based on request I submitted.

I need help
Pls advise if you have gone through similar situation