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Abuse of Canadian in Sponsorship - Options? 

Canadian girl
Canadian girl
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Posted On: 12 days ago
Canadian girl
Canadian girl
Posts: 1

I sponsored my boyfriend to come to Canada in 2015.

I am a Canadian and have been so since 2002.

As soon as we got married he started cheating and lying to me and was almost immediately abusive psychologically and physically.

Shortly after this abuse he developed cancer and we had a year of stress getting it treated.

I took care of him true to my responsibilities as a Canadian and cared for his needs and well being.

Following this again he became cheating and abusive. This has been the tone of our relationship ever since I sponsored him. He has never consummated our marriage through no fault of mine.

I appreciate that there are rules in place for people who are sponsored by Canadian to avoid such abuse for sponsored individuals but what rights are in place for Canadians who have through kindness sponsored their spouses only to end up abused and responsible to this person who is basically laughing at them on a daily basis and demanding to be maintained, while cheating, lying and abusing.

What rights do I have?

I am in the UK at the moment as the last time the abuse happened I felt I needed to return him to his country of origin to get some treatment. I don't want to return him to Canada if he continues to behave like this and I don't feel that he should be allowed to return on his own as I feel that he only married me for his permit, whereas for me I genuinely loved him and my own motives were ethical and honourable.

Please advise, I am desperate.

I cannot be financially responsible for this wild card if he is not plugged into the relationship.

Should I remain in the UK for the duration of the 3 year sponsorship obligation period.

I have a friend who went through the same thing and it cost her, her entire life savings.

She is now entirely broke and all down to a guy she sponsored who took her for a ride.

Also if I divorce him would this revoke his residency?

I am tempted after 4 years of heartache and cruelty.