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Maintaining Permanent Residence - Questions 

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Posted On: 2/18/2019
Posts: 2
I and my husband got our PR in July 2016 when we had job with United Nations contract, which will end in 2020.
Since that time we came to Canada four times for short time, but we may not be able to completed 730 days in 5 years from the date we became PR.

We will come in July 2020 to stay and contribute to canada economy.

1.Will it be legal to stay in Canada when our PR have expired, means after July 2021?
2. In our case, we are asking if we can request the renewal of PR in 2022 after spending 2 years in Canada. If the rule remains as it is today, will we be eligible to the get our PR renewed after 2022?
3.Will our children be accepted in school as permanent Residents after PR have expired in 2021 awaiting to complete 2 years in 2022 and request the renewal?
3.Does immigration officer count back 5 years from the date of a PR card renewal application? I mean in our case,if we come in 2020 and remain until 2022 to renew our PR card.