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Trade Equivalency for Refugee Claimant 

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Posted On: 5/14/2019
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I'm a refugee claimant and I landed in Canada Oct. 2018.
2 months ago I submitted my documents for "421A-Heavy Duty Equipment Technician" trade equivalency to The Ontario College of Trades.

Yesterday I received a letter that my application has not been approved. In this letter they wrote:

"Thank you for your application for a certificate of qualification in the voluntary trade named above. Your trade
experience has been reviewed. The Ontario College of Trades (the College) has determined that you have not
provided satisfactory proof that you have qualifications and experience equivalent to someone who has
completed an apprenticeship in Ontario. As a result, you are not exempt from the registration requirement of
having to hold a certificate of apprenticeship and you are not approved to challenge the certification exam.
More specifically, you have not provided verifiable proof that you hold the required hours and/or experience
across the range of skills as identified in the Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Training Standard and/or
regulations that apply for this trade. See for trade-specific details."

However, I submit all required proofs they mentioned that I have not provided satisfactory proof. I called the college and after 30 minutes waiting on the line, the agent told: Your application has been rejected because of your status as Refugee/Refugee Claimant.

My questions:
  • Is it a fair decision and/or reason?
  • What shall I do if I want to work and every employer asking for Certificate of Qualification?
  • Is there any other process for refugees/refugee claimants?

Many thanks in advance and looking for your valuable thoughts and reviews.