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Sponsor Eligibility - Application - Grandparent 

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Posted On: 12 days ago
Posts: 1
I have a questions regarding the "Sponsor Eligibility Assessment” section on the “Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking” Form (IMM 1344). - GRANDPARENT

- This section of the form states: “If you answer ‘No’ to any questions from 1 to 4, you are not eligible to be a sponsor. You should NOT submit your application.”

Question 4: “Do you reside in Canada and in no other country?” Under this question it does say “If you answered “NO”, but are a Canadian citizen living exclusively outside Canada, you may still be eligible to be a sponsor.”


I am planning to sponsor my grandmother to CANADA.
1. I wanted to confirm / clarify; if I am able to sponsor her ?
2. And if I can sponsor her; are there any evidence / documents I need to attach along the package that I plan to send ?

a) I am a Canadian citizen; and I only work in United States (only a temporary basis- TN Visa).
b) I have been in Canada since more than a decade (completed eduction, etc) and live with my parents (parents own a house).
c) And file my CANADIAN TAXES to the CRA every single year (from the income I earn in the US)

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.
Waiting in anticipation.