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Posted On: 16 days ago
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We (me, my wife and my daughter aged 19)
We first landed in June 2014 as a permanent resident.

After staying here for approximately 2 month we had to travel back because liquidation of my assets was in jeopardy due to family inheritance problems with my brother so after going back it took me more than the expected time to settle the affairs with my family and finally it was achieved in 2018.

Then we moved to Canada with the generated funds and settled in canada and bought a house and my daughter started studying in University here.

Since then we have been in Canada except for a six weeks period which i had to travel back again to settle a leftover property.

My PR card expired on July 31st 2019, I have applied for a renewal of the PR Card despite the fact that my residency Obligation is not complete however i'm struggling here and would like to settle payment of my inherited property with my siblings for which I may have to travel sometime to generate funds.

I was questioned at the airport in 2018 and told them these facts and they allowed us to enter canada leaving questions for the renewal officer.

My wife and daughter have no intention to travel anywhere outside canada so they are not interested in PR renewal. however ONLY i may have to travel for the reasons explained above for which i have applied for a renewal. This being the facts so far:

My questions are as follows:

- chances of my PR card renewal in my case without having met the Residency obligation.
- what if I HAVE to travel back to settle issues with my siblings to generate funds for use here in Canada till we can find suitable job.
- I was told that my PR status MAY be revoked due to unfulfilled residency obligation and I am advised to withdraw the PR renewal application,
- I have filed through a lawyer and i'm not satisfied with his work he misses dates and lacks prompt action.

Thanking you in advance for your reply. Awaiting your responses.
Thank you.