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OHIP Processing for NEW PR holder amidst COVID-19 

Umapathy Murugan Rengalakshmi
Umapathy Murugan Rengalakshmi
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Posted On: 5 days ago
Hi All,
I came to Brampton, Ontario on 12th of March 2020 along with my family members (through Express Entry - PR). I am new entrant to Ontario. Immediately post my entry the condition of Covid 19 became very serious and the city has been locked down. I don't want to risk myself by reaching out to the service center in Brampton area in order apply for the OHIP.

I am came with my Family members (Spouse, daughter - 4.5 years, son- 6 months old).

As understood from the Ontario news, govt has leveraged the renewal of health cards, driving license for existing PR holders. However, would like to know how to apply for OHIP online. As per my knowledge, we have to fill the online form and need to hand over the same to the nearest service center along with three document proof as per the check list mentioned in the website. Considering the COVID 19 issue in Canada, would like to know if there is any possibility to get my OHIP processed online, if i could submit the valid documents online itself.

Pls let me know at the earliest.