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PR Card: Mailing Address update, COPR landing 

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Posted On: 12 days ago
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Hello everyone,

It seems to be a unique case with us unless I hear others have also gone through this experience. It's for those who landed in 2021 on COPR in the country.

Usually, the CBSA officer asks at immigration for a permanent address where the PR Card should be mailed. In our case, the CBSA officer asked us to update the address online and directed us to visit the IRCC website for the same.

This is where it gest frustrating for me. When I go to the website and enter my details on the IRCC website (Address Notification (, it keeps giving me the notification that:

"We were not able to identify you using the information you provided. There could be three possible reasons:
  • Please be sure the information you entered is correct and then try again.
  • This service is only available to clients with applications in process. We may have received your application but not begun processing it yet. The following link may help you determine if your application is being processed:
    Application Processing Times

Hence my request... Anyone who did the first entry in 2021 and the CBSA didn’t take a permanent address to ship the PR Card, how did you go about updating the address to mail PR Card? Will appreciate it if you can share your experience, please.

Any leads or expert suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you.