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Cousin's daughter Sponsor Refusal - Need to appeal 

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Posted On: 14 days ago
Posts: 1
Here's the back story.

I have been assisting my cousin in sponsoring under the Family class her two children age 18 and 21 prior to applying for permanent residence.

We sent the original application in March, after which it was sent back in late April due to some translation required for some documents. We completed the official translations and sent it back in early May.

Mind you the issue stems from the fact that her older daughter 21 turned 22 on April 21st of this year. Anyways in between then and now requests were sent for Biometrics and later for medical exam all completed today.

Just a few hours ago I got an email saying that her daughter is not eligible for Family Class due to her age being 22.

Can I appeal this and would I have success. Anybody with experience with an issue similar to this?

Please advise.