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Not met 730 days for PR Renewal - Options?

Hi all,

I landed in July 2009 and stayed in Canada for 55 days. I went back to India to wind up my business, took my kids out from boarding school and we all came to Canada for good in April 2011.

I had to go back to India since my father was sick and was getting his treatment done there.

As I'm the only son, I had to take care of him and used to visit my family in Canada only when I could get someone to take care of my father(My mother is too old to take care of him).

My wife is in Canada since July 2010 and kids since April 2011.

They are well settled.

I am in Canada right now, my PR Card is expired and I know I have not completed the requirement (730 days).

I have to go back to India to take care of my father.

I just want to know what my options are:

1. Should I surrender my PR? If yes, then should I do it in Canada or India?

2. Should I apply for PR on H&C grounds?
What are my chances?

3. Can my wife re-apply for my PR if I surrender?

Thank you in advance for your replies.