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Worried about a Small Child's Safety-What to Do?

I,with my wife, live in a residential building that have other tenants as well.My brother in law and his family also live in the same building.They have an eight year old lovely and sweet daughter who comes regularly to our unit(Her kind aunt loves her).We have been here in Canada(The city is confidential)for almost four years and from the beginning of our arrival,we saw that my brother in law and her wife were arguing and fighting against each other.My wife made her ultimate, endless efforts to take care of their daughter,let's say sacrificed herself,while they were in physical separation from almost one and half year ago.They now still in separation and the husband is working in another province.Now,that little daughter comes and goes to our house to be in peace(at least for several hours per day)and to be far from screaming,shouting,yelling mother.My wife picks little angel everyday from her school bus while coming home,because her mother is going to college as a fulltime student.

That being said as a short background,what really concerns us is another matter.A week ago,my wife saw some dark brownish spots in that little angel's legs.We thought that it happened when children play in school.But in second thought,we noticed that her mother beats her.That observation happened only once,or we saw it only once.That innocent child is told that(by her mother) if she call the 911,she will be alone forever in streets and nobody will take care of her,even her aunt!(Poor child told it to my wife.)When my wife goes everyday to pick her,the child's lunch dish is uneaten.We considered it as a child's moral status,but the lunch jar that we saw it in her school bag is not properly prepared.I cannot find any word in English language to describe the appearance and the low quality of that given food.I,as an adult,believe that I cannot eat that!
Yesterday,our little angel's mother(My sister in law)came to our apartment,shouting and yelling at her sister's presence that I will kill this child with a bullet!I don't want her and she makes me eternal suffering!(We found later that this odd behave happened after my sister in law's severe but regular phone arguing with her husband.)

My question is this:"What can we do,and what should we do?Should my wife continue her full support?Should we report this?if yes,where?We also would like to remain anonymous.How law/staff/organization can examine these couples' mental health?Are they capable to take care of their innocent child?"

Thanks for spending time reading this and providing feedback.We really appreciate that.