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Dentist NDEB Fundamental Exam - Study Materials

Hi everyone,
I passed AFK and ACJ exams with a high score. I know how it is difficult to study to get a good result.
You can prepare for this exam in different ways:
- buy Released questions with answers and study in your own way;
- create a study group and prepare together;
- take an AFK course;

Buying Released Questions you can't be sure that answers are correct. Moreover, many people sell Mosby's REVIEW for the NBDE books, but remember they are not in the references list, as well as Dental Decks, so that is not a reliable source.
Creating study groups is a good idea. For this studying you need to have enough books and lots of time.
Taking a course is also a good idea, but the location of them could not be suitable for you.
I had been preparing for this exams for 3 years and collect much information and many books from the reference list.
I can provide online couching to help you to get an appropriate knowledge for this exam, to discuss the most difficult and tricky question; find a right answer using reliable sources.
If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact me through my User ID.
Good luck.