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"Routine" Maintenance Inspection

I am renting a condo apartment from an idividual and he is asking me to enter the premises every 3 months.

He notifies me by emails ( not written notices) that he demands to perform a routine maintenance inspection within the next 48 hours.

He never finds anything wrong and never fixes anything because I always keep my living space in immaculate condition.

So quite honestly it becomes very annoying because I just do not see any reason for him to do that so often.

Our standard lease agreement only states that he can enter the apartment within reasonable times.

So my 1st question is :

Does the landlord has the right to perform a "routine" inspection whenever and how often he likes, even every day?

What is the reasonable time frame between the inspections?

And the second questions is ( sorry it is completely different topic)- we signed the lease for 2 years, what about an interest on my last month security deposit?

Although he did not raise the rent for the 2nd year, still, holding my security deposit of 1500.00 for 2 years without paying an interest on it doesn't sound very fair to me.

Am I wrong?
Low Income Seniors application for RGI Denied

My parents retired in May of 2015, as soon as they did their monthly combined income was decreased by over 60%.

They have been living in nonprofit housing complex but were paying a full market rent.

Now however as you can imagine they are not able to do that.

How can they pay a rent of $1200 with a total monthly household income of $1400?!

To their total shock when they applied for Rent-Gear-to Income subsidy their application and the appeal were denied by York Housing Services, with an explanation that a decrease in incone due to retirement does not qualify them for In-Situ priority!!!

How is that fair?!!

They already live in the building, they have been living in that apartment for the last 7 years, so it is obviously not an issue of not having an available unit for them.
All they need is the approval for Rent-Geared-to Income subsidy so they can afford to pay rent for the same apartment. Plus they have been on the waiting list for subsidy in the same building for the last 5 years.
And still their application and the appeal were both denied.
What are they suppose to do now?!

The social worker suggested to move into somebody's basement for $500/ month because that is all they can afford.
No suggestions on where to find money for first and last month, moving expenses,etc. But even these obsticals are nothing in compare to difficulty to find a landlord who would lease even a basement to a couple of seniors with limited income.
So they can afford to pay full market rent, their application for RGI is denied, and they can not move.
What other option do they have?! Become homeless?! Live on the street?! Shelter?!
So after working so hard for so many years, and paying taxes by the way, never asking for help before, never using EI, never being on welfare or ODSP, is that what our seniors citizens deserve?! Total disregard to the basic human need to have a roof over their heads?!

Any suggestions?

What should my parents do?!
Any help will be greatly appreciated.