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Citizenship Scam - IOC Registration - Warning!


My my...this just happened today !

Unforgivable. >:(

Thank goodness for the many times I have alerted my family to be wary of verifying information over the phone. They claimed to be calling from Service Canada, knew personal details and related dates, suggested a Counselor would assist with case and ding ding ding ... would cost only $8000!  :o

Oh and in case you do not have this kind of much do you have in your account?

Further...if you do not take any action, face the consequences of cops at your door (for which again you should call 911 before answering it)... to which our response :  :)  Sure, Let's meet... BTW is this displayed number your direct contact? And click..........

My conscientious family is concerned for all immigrants out there who may have gone through tougher times  :-[ ... to get to this amazing country Canada ... please be aware!  ;D

Report the call to Fraud Division 18884958501 administered by RCMP.  8)

Blessings to all ! 8)


p.s: Kindness is contagious,  :D spread peace and love !