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How do we obtain proof of entry for OAS?

THis is a head scratcher...I requested CBSA record of entry for OAS, I paid for two reports for my husband and I. I received the report stating that I returned to Canada in February of 2001 but the Border/customs agent neglected to record my husbands entry..we both returned on the same flight, the same day and same time in 2001. CBSA has now told me that apparently the mistake was with them and that they never recorded my husbands entry. CBSA is now requesting proof of entry from us!I reminded CBSA that they are the ones with the proof. Needless to say I would like a resolution to this matter since OAS has confirmed that this is the only piece of information that they need to approve our request for payments. I am taking this matter to the newspapers since it appears that in 2001 people were coming in and going out of canada without any record of entry.