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WES Canada Report - MBA Degree - Issues

Dear Settlement organization,

Kindly request to draw your attention on this,
Please, help me.

I got my WES ECA report and it says that my MBA Master Degree institution status is non-recognized, I have obtained this degree from Weller International Business School France.
I’ve already provided below details to WES CANADA to reverify my degree details.
“ Can you provide some details and proof that why it is not recognized in France while this program details already appear in Campus France official site:
Campus France (Who help international student to study in France) and It is The French national agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services, and international mobility,
You can find more information about campus France on French Diplomatic official website.
If this program is not recognized then why they put on their official site and promote an international student to gain higher study in France?
I’ve observed even few universities of Canada (Ex: University of CANADA west )also have accreditations from ACBSP for most of the programs, and my program was accredited by ACBSP. As per ACBSP accreditation accepted globally.
University of Canada West’s programs and my MBA program has same accreditation from ACBSP so that university also fall under non-recognized category?
WES CANADA reply below “ As per our previous communication it is the opinion of World Education Services that the Master of Business Administration degree awarded by Weller International Business School is not a recognized qualification in France”

I am really disappointed with WES report and it services. please, help me to challenge WES.
Thanking you in anticipation.