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Permanent Card Renewal - Made a typo


I applied for PR card renewal Nov 15 and have heard nothing from CIC.

Two questions.

1. I had to list around 35 trips for the last 5 years and now cross checking the dates for my citizenship application, I realized that I made two typos (didn't list one trip for 4 days by mistake and another trip that lasted 6 days, but for some reason I put the incorrect return date which is two months later - it is a typo).

In total, I am still well within 1095 max days out of the country requirement (only 585 days out of the country in the last five years and I counted every single exit and entry day, so the online calculator shows even less days that this).

What should I do about these typos?

Should I send a correction letter to explain these typos or just leave it since I am within the requirement?

Will this explanation letter delay the process even further?

Anyone has experience with this?

2. Now I am worried about processing times in general which seem to be a lot longer than ~71 days indicated on the site. CIC hasn't even opened my file yet. What are typical processing times for PR renewal?

My card expires in July but I have a lot of travelling planned already around the summer and September 2018.

Thanks very much
New Age for Dependents and Income


If I win the lottery to sponsor my parents next year, must I include my 21 year old brother as part of family size count for income requirements?

I really can't include him because:

1. if I include him, I don't qualify with income for anyone in my family because I am already at 6 people with other family members and the only person filing taxes in Canada

2. he is already in Canada finishing up his degree and working for a year on a work visa and can apply for PR by himself later (which we hope will be faster processing time anyways)

Do you know what would qualify him as a non dependent child so we don't include him?

If he intends to be common law with someone next year, does it qualify for being non-dependent child?

Any guesses when documents will be due (he is turning 22 in July), so if I could apply after his birthday.... Any other thoughts?

Thanks for any help!