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Not Met the Residency Obligation

Hi guys I need some help.

1, I already applied for PRTD here in manila but I know to my self that I did not met the RO. i flew back here in the phillipine since aug 2015. But from July 19, 2012 i only have 468 days that i stayed in canada. But Im resident since 2007. Is there any chance that they can approve my PRTD. I stayes here in the Philipines to take care of my 3 nephew and 1 niece. My sister is a single mom and no one can help her to look after her children s i decide to move here to help her the youngest tha time is only 2 years old, we cant just trust those kids to a nanny specially here in th philippines crime is all over you cna juavtrust anyone.Now that they were old enough i decide to go back. Do you think are they will approved my prtd. May i know my chances roughly 0-100

2 my prd card was expired last march 2017 can i still apply for pr or ask my famiky to apply for me even my prtd is still on process.

3, in anycase if i aplied for pr card while im outside canada and my friends will do all the papers work. iS CIC will send my card at my address in caadaor do i need to picked it up in person.

4 just in case they did not approve my prtd can i stil ask my friend to apply my pr card in canada and send the card for me? Or do i have any option to get my status back?

5, Just incase my status reanouce can i still applied for TRV and do i need to show a big amount of money to get approve for TRV.

Lastly how long for PRTD processing time.