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Not Met the Residency Obligation

i am Ashokkumar patel landed in canada, on p.r. immigrant on 2007 07 07 with my family.

My self my spouse and two kids .

My first p.r .was renewed on 2012 and than before expiry of that in 2017 i applied for renew it during last five years i stayed here less than 300 days. so they did not renew my p.r card and not consider insufficient H.R ground.

I left Canada on Aug. 17 bcs my p.r. card expired on July 17 at that time my p.r. renewal application was pending

after that on Canadian address February 18 i received a letter to collect the p.r .card within 180 days but at that timei was in India so i applied for travel documents they have not issued me saying me that you lost your p.r. status but to file an apple issued me RX-1 visa on that ground

i came to Canada last day of may18 .and gone to collect p.r. card as par February 18 .letter .

they given me one year validity p.r .card.and reffed the case to the minister under sec 44 which is pending.

Now i do not want to file any case or appeal or legal matter against the authority.

now i am coming to the point my wife ,spouse is almost all citizen waiting for an auth my two kids are Canadian citizen from last couple of years .

now i am leaving Canada in Nov 18 p.r is valid up to January 09 2019 my question is that can my spouse sponsor me on immigrant spousal visa after one year ? .

what type of problem i will have to face at that time .

i am 60 rear old ,does the authority denied it.

in short what is the best way to be p.r. here for five year so i can fulfill the r.o and during that visit India more easy way. thanking you.

awaiting for rapid response.