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Changing DVR License/Insurance to Ontario.

I have been told I hand in my BC dvr license when I apply for my Ontario dvr lic.

How does that work for my insurance when it is registered to me and I will be driving my BC plated vehicle with an Ontario dvr to get my Ontario insurance?

My ICBC insurance is good until March, and my contract is getting extended.

I have been told I have to have my BC dvr changed within 6 months or be out of the province for a day to reset the 6 month clock.

I can't get plated or insurance until I have my ON dvr, I have been told. An "out of province" vehicle inspection would be needed I expect.

I would be nice if there was a "one stop" all seems like toooo many cooks in the kitchen promoting their own ingredients...

A Temporary year allowance for "workers on contract" would be nice if it was available and we simply apply for it.

Thanks for your insight in advance:)