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Proof of Citizenship & Obtaining Birth Certificate

Joel R.
Joel R.
I am a U.S. citizen. My father was a Canadian citizen at the time of my birth, so I can apparently claim Canadian citizenship.

One thing I need in order to apply for proof of citizenship is an up-to-date birth certificate for my father, who is alive. That requires a separate application.

In support of my application for a birth certificate for my father, I must include an official letter from the body that requires me to obtain the birth certificate, to the effect that it has such a requirement. In this case, that body is the Canadian government itself.

This appears to be something of a catch-22. To date I've written to three offices for advice. How would I go about getting a letter from the Canadian government to the Canadian government, stating that the Canadian government needs a birth certificate as part of an application for proof of citizenship? So far I have received no answer. Can anyone help?