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Family Class(Spouse) +Open Work Permit - In Canada

We applied through mail.

I am sponcering my husband to become a PR.

We also applied for an open work permit in the same folder.

They said they recived our application Jan.11,2019. When will we receive the conformation or as I heard it’s called an AOR?

Once we receive that he has implied status and we don’t have to renew his visitors visa correct? Also most importantly ! When will we receive the open work permit?

I heard processing times is 4 months.

Does that mean we should expect it in 4 months after the day we sent in the application or 4 months after they’ve started working on the application ?

And if so how long does it take them to start working on it after it has been sent???

We’re in a panic,

I’m struggling to support my family on my own even with two jobs.

I need help and answers and clear as possible cause everything is sooo confusing!