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Visitor Record not Issued for my Dependents

Hello Sir / Madam,

I came to Canada with my intra-transfer Work Permit from USA and my wife and son has visitor visa. We 3 had visa validity till Aug 2020. But in port of entry in Canada, the border officer issued the 2 years of stay with Work permit document and given only 6 months validity to my wife and son and did not issued the visitor record. When I ask the question, the border officer asked me to check with IRCC office in Ontario.

I had discussed with IRCC office in Ontario, they asked me to file for an extension. Now, the Service Ontario is not willing to give the health card for my dependents (wife and son) since they don't have Visitor Record.

Could you please let me know and help me to resolve the below issues please...

1. Though my wife and son had visa validity till Aug, 2020 why the border officer issued only for 6 months stay in Canada.
2. Initially, I applied Visitor visa for my wife and son. Since IRCC is asking me to apply for an extension to stay beyond 6 months, Can I apply Open work permit for my wife and visitor visa for my son?

3. Is there is any possibility that Service Ontario can issue the health card for my wife and son based on the Canada visa duration instead of asking the visitor record?

Thanks and Regards,