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Unemployed Newcomer and Coronavirus quarantine


I'm a newcomer from Brazil, I came with the Express Entry Program and did my landing the 04 march 2020, I have PR and SIN number.
I am qualified to work as a NOC-1242 - Legal Assistant, and I was trying to find an entry level job as a Waitress or Bartender, so I got a Smart Serve Certification last week.
But now I'm in quarantine because of coronavirus, and I can't find any jobs, because all bars/restaurants are closing. I tried calling YMCA to get help with my resume and learn how to write cover letters, but I got no answer since they are closed. I can't even print my resume to give it in person because Libraries are closed as well. So I'm unable to search for a job at this point.

I've been trying to apply for Legal Assistant jobs in Linkedin, but because I have no canadian experience, no one will hire me. So I'd like to know if I can apply for any government benefits during the Coronavirus crisis, like EI, at least until I can find my first job in Canada.