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Applying for citizenship while living in US

I am a Canadian PR (my card expires Feb 2021), but I moved back to the US (my country of citizenship) last fall for work. Around the time that I moved, I became eligible for Canadian citizenship by meeting the residency requirement (I now exceed 1095 days). I have a home address in the US though, and the application asks for a Canadian home address. I do have a mailing address in Canada and it is possible for me to travel back to Canada if necessary.

1) Will the US address be a problem for my application? Will I run into trouble if I include my Canadian mailing address, since it's not my current home address? I see that it is acceptable to leave Canada *after* submitting an application (, but I want to know if having a home address outside of Canada when I submit my application will be a problem.

2) Relatedly, I am wondering if I should apply to renew my PR status, but I am pretty sure I cannot do this if I do not live in Canada (or - could I submit the application from Canada and include my Canadian mailing address)?

Thank you.