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How do I find OB/GYN care for twin IVF pregnancy?

Hello Settlement Moderator,

I am a first- time mom, with IVF Twin pregnancy, in first tri-semester after multiple fail attempts in Vietnam I have done some research about maternity care in Ontario and understood that this is considered complicated pregnancy and would need care of an obstetrician. I am Canada's PR, returning to Toronto on April 2021 and will get OHIP right away. I have a few questions regarding my case:

1. I must get an ob-gyn specialist to take care of my case asap, how can I self refer to an ob-gyn specialist here? Pls suggest possible options for my case.
If I have to go through family doctor- I need to find available first and it is not easy at all given shortage of family doctor in Ontario. Some friends mentioned they have to wait for family doctor who accept new patients for years! And even with referral, it is not that appointment will be made right away as the Ob-gyn also has very packed schedule.

2. Will the specialist here refer to medical report from overseas (Vietnam to be specific) to understand about my IVF/ Pregnancy history or I have to do overall check up again?

3. How do I know which ob-gyn is great? Is there any public reviews/rating to know about their work and performance?

4. Must I stay in Toronto to be able to get care of ob-gyn and later birth delivery from Toronto based hospitals such as St Micheal and Sunnybrook? This will impact my housing decision so really need your advice.

Thanks a lot for your help!