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PRTD on H & C


Thank you for your help, guidance and kindness!

I am applying for my first PR card on an urgent basis for expedited processing.

- I am a permanent resident of Canada residing in Canada. I received my PR close to 30 years ago. I have my original IMM1000.

- I am getting application package ready and completed to apply for my first PR Card.

- As I am filling out the PR Card application, I am asked to write my surname and given name.

- On the IMM1000, it shows my "surname" (last name), my first name(given name), but not my middle name.
- On the PR application, it says, write your name, as it shows on your IMMM1000.
- On my passport, I have my first name, my last name, and my middle name.

I would like my middle name to be on the PR card, as it shows on my passport, and i.e., my first name, my last name, and my middle name.

As it says on the application, write your name as it is written o IMM1000, and as I that, PR Card will be missing my middle name, and on my passport, my middle name is written.

If I write my middle name with my first name, and last name on the PR card application, then the PR card application has my middle name, which is not on the IMM1000.

I am seeking guidance and help to complete PR application.

Thank you!

king regards.