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Can I Choose Which College to Attend? Study Permit

Congratulations on receiving your visa to enter Canada! It's essential to ensure a smooth transition and comply with the visa requirements for your studies. I am not an immigration expert, but I can provide some general advice that may be helpful in your situation.
Since you have a valid visa issued based on your admission to Fanshawe College, it's essential to clarify whether your visa is specific to that institution or if it allows you to attend any designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. DLIs are educational institutions approved by the government to host international students.
Here are some steps you can consider:
  • Contact Humber College: Get in touch with Humber College's international admissions or student services department. Explain your situation and inquire whether they can issue a new acceptance letter for you to study at their institution. They will also be able to provide guidance on any additional steps you need to take.
  • Visa Restrictions: Review the conditions and restrictions on your student visa. If it permits you to study at any DLI, you may be able to proceed with Humber College without any issues. However, if your visa is specific to Fanshawe College, you will likely need to apply for a new study permit or make the necessary changes to your existing permit.
  • Immigration Authorities: To avoid any problems at the point of entry into Canada, consider contacting the Canadian immigration authorities or the nearest Canadian consulate or embassy in Nigeria. Explain your situation and seek their guidance on the appropriate steps to take.
  • Deadlines and Timing: Be mindful of the deadlines for enrollment and visa processing. If there are time constraints, it's crucial to act promptly and efficiently.
  • Professional Advice: To ensure you receive accurate and up-to-date information, it's advisable to consult with a qualified immigration advisor or lawyer who specializes in Canadian student visas. They can guide you through the process and provide personalized advice based on your circumstances.
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