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Investigation - Received OW during Sponsorship 

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Posted On: 3/16/2010
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Im a Canadian Citizen who had just moved to Canada on June 2009 with my 2 children ages 6 and 1.

All my life I lived in the Philippines.

I sponsored my husband who is living outside Canada.

On January 2010 we recieved a letter from the Canadian Embassy saying that his Visa for permanent Residency has been approved and that his initial entry to Canada is valid until May 6, 2010.

He was asked to submit his passport to the embassy for his Visa.

It is already MArch and he still doesnt have his passport with his Visa on it. I called my MP in my town to follow up with the application.

My MP was told that I am under investigation by immigration because I was under welfare from Oct 2009- Jan 2010.

No they say this can have an effect on my husband's sponsorship because apparently I was not suppose to be on any financial assistance while I was sponsoring.

I had no job and 2 children to support, I wander how they expected me to survive with my situation.

I never abused the system, in fact I made it a point to get out of welfare the moment I got me and my kids esrtablished.

I left Ontario Works on January 2010 a total of 4 months to help us get settled down.

It has been 10 months now since my husband and I have been separated. I am a single parent here trying to survive with a 6 year old child and a toddler.

Right after I went to seek for financial assitance I immediately emailed the Canadian Embassy in Manila telling them that I will be seeking financial assitance because I was desperate to survive in a new country and with 2 small children.

It was so hard to look for employment (and to think I have a Master's degree) but still, I couldnt get myself employed.

I did what I could to live.

But again, I never abused the system.

I went and got a job and now I am settled.

But regardless of this, they tell me that my husband might be denied.

HOw cruel can they be? they tell us it is always a case to case basis and now they are being so negative towards us that all our sufferings and pain and hardship to start a new life in Canada will still not pay off for me and my children because of the fact we sought assistance to survive. =(

I am asking anyone who has gone through the same experience please shed some light into my dilemma that me and my 2 children will have a sliver of hope to be reunited with my husband again.

Im a Canadian but sometimes I ask myself if I made the right choice of moving to Canada to start a life here with my family, but so far its all been chaotic and misery.
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Posted On: 7/1/2014
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My situation kind of applies to the original poster.
I need some clarification if possible. I'm a sponsor who has just been approved and the application is now on the way to the embassy. I have a severe form of heart disease and was an ODSP recipient for almost a decade. I went off ODSP to take advantage of an educational opportunity, where I was forced to give up my pension. I recently re-applied and was denied. I'm a mother of a two year old and desperately need an income. I have been surviving in the Child tax benefit and was expecting ODSP to kick in. So now I am forced to seek out OW but I'm not sure what will happen to my application. According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations I should be able to apply once my husband is here, while he's looking for work. Here is the quote. Does anyone know anything about this?

133. (1) A sponsorship application shall only be approved by an officer if, on the day on which the application was filed and from that day until the day a decision is made with respect to the application, there is evidence that the sponsor

(k) is not in receipt of social assistance for a reason other than disability.

It looks to me like I can apply for OW once my application is approved on the embassy end. As in there is no regulation stopping my application.

Feedback appreciated.