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Posted On: 5/28/2003
Posts: 3700
Hello and welcome to our discussion section focusing on the Permanent Resident Card.

We have received many questions and concerns about the Permanent Resident (PR) Card in our Immigration and Citizenship topic area. We have decided to create a PR Card topic to focus on this issue. We have moved previous discussions about the PR Card into this new topic area.

We welcome your questions and observations about the PR Card. Use this section to ask questions about these areas:

  • How to apply

  • When to apply

  • Permanent Resident Residency requirements

  • Travel

  • What to do if you're outside Canada

  • Processing time

  • Where to get help to fill out the PR Card application form

Please note that we will not be answering questions about how to immigrate to Canada. Our focus is on how to settle in Ontario. While we can give some information about the immigration process, we are not immigration consultants and will not be able to tell you how to successfully immigrate.

We can help you find organizations in your city that offer these services.

There are other web sites where you can ask these questions. Here is one:
Immigration to Canada discussion group

If you post questions about how to immigrate, they will not be a priority for us to answer. Others may answer your question. However, please be aware that the information contained in this discussion should never be taken as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult a lawyer.