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Advice on Social Science Jobs - Ontario 

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Posted On: 6/8/2015
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Dear All,

I was recently sponsored for a Canadian PR by my Canadian spouse and we are beginning to operationalize our plan to move there.

I have more than a decade of work experience in international think tanks and multinational organizations (OSCE, UN etc.).

I have worked on conflict prevention, mediation, political affairs and human rights issues.

Are there any good resources for finding similar work in Canada?

Government jobs are a major prize but they require citizenship in order to obtain security clearances.

Has anyone had any experience finding work with similar background?

Our preferred destination is Ontario as I guess the majority of institutions, NGO's and the like are based in Ottawa and Toronto.

Also, when it comes to degrees in Social Science - do they need to undergo the credentialing process through CICIC?

I haven't seen any regulatory bodies for such degrees and they come from recognized universities in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the US.

Anyone had any experience requiring nostrification (for jobs, not continuing education purposes)?

Finally, I've heard a lot about Canadian experience - given the nature of work I am involved in and my experience at an international level, would it play a major factor?

International organizations are disciplined and multicultural settings and standards for analytical reports and research are second to none.

Would this experience be seen as a positive or would employers focus more on the lack of Canadian work experience?

Has anyone in this field of work benefited from organizations such as Career Edge?

I would appreciate any feedback on these issues, particularly from people with a similar education/professional background.

While we plan to make Canada our permanent home, we do want to ensure that I can secure a decent job in a field that I can contribute it.

Thanks in advance
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Posted On: 6/12/2015
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Advice on jobs in sectors like public administration also welcome. Any story of how people with degrees in humanities managed in Canada really appreciated.
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Posted On: 6/16/2015
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Thank you for sharing your situation and questions with us.

It is great that you are looking into this type of information before arriving.

We can appreciate that you would like to ensure that you can secure a decent job in a field that you can contribute to.

It is true that many new immigrants are having a long and difficult time getting established in their chosen occupations.

You can find some information on the pros and cons of networking in this article here:

What are some career strategies for new immigrants?

You may find additional useful information in these sections on our site:

Where can I get information about how to work in my profession in Ontario?

How important is Canadian experience?

It may also be helpful to look into some bridging programs.

You can find some detailed information on different bridging programs in this Settlment.Org What are Bridging Programs for Internationally Trained Individuals in Ontario? article.

It is best to try and contact (once you arrive or even before) an Employment Service to find out if they can provide you with some specific information regarding your field and your extensive experience.

You may also want to contact organizations that work specifically with internationally trained social science/work professionals for information on what the steps are and what your options are.

It may also be good to contact some bridging and internships.

We hope that others who may have had experiences or gone through one of these type of programs share some information and suggestions with you.

In terms of job listings in the social science/social work/humanities field, you mentioned federal jobs. You can also find some that are not necessarily federal jobs here:

Ontario Public Service Careers

You can also check job listings on the websites for the different municipalities for example:

City of Toronto

City of Ottawa - Jobs

City of London - Career Opportunities

We hope that others can share some of their experiences and suggestions with you.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.

Settlement.Org Content and Information/Referral Specialist, CIRS