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Immigration and My Car - Questions 

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Posted On: 7/1/2015
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I am immigrating to New Brunswick Canada from the United States.

My work is processing my visa.

It is likely they will have my work visa done by December/January. I would like to move sooner to be with my spouse.

I understand I will be coming in as a visitor visa and will not be allowed to bring personal belongings.

Does this include my car?

I would like to have my car while I am waiting for my immigration.

If this is not the correct place to ask please let me know where I should ask.

I have searched the web and have not found this answer.

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Posted On: 7/2/2015
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Thank you for sharing your situation and question with us.

You can find some detailed information on the Transport Canada website in the Frequently Asked Questions - Visitors, Tourists and Temporary Residents Entering Canada with Foreign Owned Vehicles section.

Here is an excerpt,

I will be visiting Canada with my vehicle. Do I have to formally declare it for importation at the Canadian border?

No. Section 7(1)(b) of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA), allows a visitor to temporarily enter Canada with a motor vehicle without complying with the MVSA if the vehicle is used only by a visitor to Canada or a person passing through Canada en route to another country.


1. You alone may use the vehicle.

2.Any change in your status, such as receiving permanent residency in Canada, may make your vehicle inadmissible and you will be required to export or destroy it.

3.You may not sell or gift the vehicle while in Canada.

4.The vehicle cannot remain in Canada longer than the time limits allowed under your temporary entry.


My status has changed from temporary to permanent resident while in Canada with my vehicle. How does that affect my vehicle?

If your vehicle is eligible for importation, you will need to formally declare the vehicle along with your personal effects to the Canada Border Services Agency and fulfill all import requirements.

If your vehicle does not comply with the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, you must export or destroy it when your temporary entry status becomes permanent.


Temporary residents and visitors cannot sell or donate their vehicle while in Canada
Your vehicle cannot remain in Canada for a period longer than the time limits listed on your work permit, student visa or any other Customs authorization.

You may want to contact Transport Canada directly for some additional information specific to your own situation.

You can also contact them here:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-333-0371

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.

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