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May Not Receive PR card for My Wedding 

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Posted On: 4 days ago
Posts: 1

I arrived in September 2018 applied for my PR Card at the airport and in November 2018 they asked me for my photographs.
My wedding is due in January 2019 end and I need to travel back.

I have heard that I can go back and apply for PRTD in India.

My main concern is I have made my trip to India from 2 months to 3 months is that ok?

Would that create any problems?

Secondly, the Visa STamp which I got when I got my PR has an expiry for 17th Feb 2019, can I still go back in January 2019 and be back in April 2019 using the PRTD document?

And I will get a PRTD document with my current profile and status?

Please clarify and guide me.

Thank you so much!