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Got PR but still Employed in Middle East 

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Posted On: 1/17/2019
Posts: 1
I got my PR but yet to activate it as am planning my travel to Canada. I cannot stay longer as I need to return to my work in middle east

Once I get my PR card along with SIN and health insurance am planning to return to work in middle east for sometime and settle in Canada after 2 year to indefinitely.

How long it will take to get my PR card, SIN and Health Insurance?

My wife is planning to stay for extended days till we receive all the 3?

Will I get the child benefits and tax benefits for the first two years outside Canada?

Should I need to file income tax returns?

I understand there is no income tax if I spend 183 days outside Canada?

Me included myself, my spouse and 2 children

Thanks in advance
warm regards,