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School for my 6 Year Old Son 

Frederico Andrade
Frederico Andrade
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Posted On: 2/7/2019
I currently live in Brazil and I will be moving to Toronto in August to attend a college at Centennial that starts in September.
I will receive the Visa to study one year and to work another year.
I will move to Toronto with my wife and 6 year old son (born 07/08/2013). I need help to understand what I need to do in order to my son study there.
Please help me with this questions:

  • What documents do I need to present for him to study?

  • He will start on Early Years Learning?

  • When would the enrollment dates be?

I'll set the place and neighborhood to live in August when I get there, I know that the place of living will determine the options of schools. But I would like to know what documents will he need and if there is any deadlines for admission for him to start on september.