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School for my 6 Year Old Son 

Frederico Andrade
Frederico Andrade
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Posted On: 2/7/2019
I currently live in Brazil and I will be moving to Toronto in August to attend a college at Centennial that starts in September.
I will receive the Visa to study one year and to work another year.
I will move to Toronto with my wife and 6 year old son (born 07/08/2013). I need help to understand what I need to do in order to my son study there.
Please help me with this questions:

  • What documents do I need to present for him to study?

  • He will start on Early Years Learning?

  • When would the enrollment dates be?

I'll set the place and neighborhood to live in August when I get there, I know that the place of living will determine the options of schools. But I would like to know what documents will he need and if there is any deadlines for admission for him to start on september.
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Posted On: 4/22/2019
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Thank you for sharing your situation and questions with us.

You can find some information on what will be needed by your son in order to study in Canada on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website in the Find out if your child needs a study permit section. Here is an excerpt,

Minor children who are already in Canada accompanying a parent who is permitted to study or work may study in Canada without a study permit at the pre-school, primary and secondary levels.

In terms of enrolling your son in school and what documents are required, you can find some information in our Settlement.Org How do I enrol my child in school? article.

In terms of when you can enroll your child in school, if you arrive in August, you may want to contact the nearest school board for information on
where to enroll your child.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.

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