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PR Expired and PRTD Applied -Why is There a Delay? 

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Posted On: 3/15/2019
Posts: 1
My Common Law wife is a Trinidad Citizen, became PR and received card November 2013. She has been in and out of Canada several times between 2014 and 2018. ONCE or TWICE a year not longer than 35 days each time. She gave birth to our son in September 2015. She did not go anywhere in that 2015 year.

December 2018 we went to Trinidad for a 3 week trip with our son. Upon arriving back at Trinidad airport on January 4 2019 to return to Toronto she was advised by the airline that her PR card had expired November 2018. (She actually forgot to follow the notice received in May 2018 to renew it. I came back to Toronto alone and she remained in Trinidad with our son.

January 6 She immediately submitted a PRTD application to Canada visa office in Trinidad. By calculation, She clearly meets the Residency Obligation of individual days present in Canada over 1700 days in past 5 years. She filled in the table detailing days present in Canada.

February 13 2019 she received email from a consulate email requesting for the following documents for past 5 years:

- Job Letters
- Tax Summaries
- Boarding Passes
- Copies of "Stamped" pages from Old Passport [Expired Sep 2016] (They presently have her current Passport)

She gave 1 full time job letter stating employment since January 2018. She provided another job letter proving part time work over past 5 years for another employer. Could not provide boarding passes for travel dates before 2016 but we gathered documented proof of purchased travel itinerary for that time before 2016. All requested taxes provided, but Could NOT find taxes for year 2015 but we found documented Tax benefits for that year (Trillium or Child Tax Benefits) and Ontario Hospital Child birth records for that 2015 year. We did provide the requested stamped passport pages (Canada doesn't always stamp though). We sent everything in February 20 2019. BUT one week later I realized there was another stamped passport page that we missed. Stamped May 17 2016 in Canada. She updated the email and resent everything again on February 27 2019 (informing about the missed passport page)

We thought we would have heard something by now as its been 4 weeks since they requested supporting documents and 3 weeks since we sent in the documents.

On the application she originally stated that she needs to return to Canada before January 11 2019 (She currently has full time work) . She did not provide SIN # on application because it was kind of confusing how that question arranged in the application steps. (Says to skip to declaration if # of days in Canada exceeds the calculated 730 days.) SIN request was in between the steps, Since I'm the one who is in Canada, only I could access her requested documents as she is not around, make the copies and email to her to forward on.

She called Visa office for update today (March 14 2019) and was only told "Processing"


1) Is there a reason why it is taking so long?

2) What methods do they use to determine travel times in and out of Canada?
(She not worried about RO clearly surpasses 730 days in Canada if they check further than the supplied documents).

3) No reason to be rejected, but incase, If she were to apply to USA travel visa in hopes to return to Canada, Would USA visa office consider her valid PR status?

4) Should we be updating the email with more documents proving days physical in Canada?
(They only asked for the above details.)

5) When they say number of expected days to wait, do they mean opened business days?
(Canada Embassy is only opened 4 days a week in Trinidad.)

6) Do we need to inquire a Lawyer at this time?

7) I found out about ATIP Information services today, Is it wise to use this service?

8) DO you have Any suggestions, tips or comments regarding this?

9) What benefit if any is it to have a Representative added to application?