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Tax Residency 

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Posted On: 4/8/2019
Posts: 5

I am asking this question since I am still not clear, although I have asked this questions on different forums. Please bear with me.

So we landed in Canada as PR in December 2018 stayed there till few days in January 2019. I had to come back to complete my PhD dissertation and so my wife and daughter came back with me without our PR cards. When we were there we did following.

1) Got our SIN numbers
2) opened bank accounts
3) got g1 licenses.

Now, I called CRA regarding tax residency they advised me to file taxes for the four days we lived in Canada in December 2018. After that they advised me to submit NR-73 form to CRA to understand my tax residency. I might actually be able to finish my pending tasks and move in December 2019 permanently. We did not apply for health coverage, or we do not expect any benefits from Canada before we move there permanently. We are not using our bank accounts as well except for the first deposits. Now when I try to follow what CRA agent told me, I open CRA website and try to register my account and pay the taxes and file my tax return. However, it is not proceeding any further.

I am really stressed because of this situation. I do not mind paying taxes if I have to pay them. However, I do not want to pay taxes if it is not required from me, since I am not resident in Canada physically mentally emotionally etc so far. Even when I tried to pay taxes for the four days I lived in Canada in 2018, the CRA is not letting me open an account. Please kindly advise me what to do. I do not want to get into any legal trouble regarding taxes. Thank you so much in advance.

Now the second question is about bank accounts. What would happen if I dont use them for a year? Because when I move I have to transfer settlement funds to my account first. That was the intention to open the accounts in the first place. Thank you so much for all the help.