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Lapsed residency - how to get into Canada 

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Posted On: 12 days ago
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I am a British Citizen. I have 2 children aged 12 and 9 (also British).

I tried to travel to Canada from USA last year, and was denied an eTa. My children were able to get there eTa, and ended up in travelling with a relative. I entered Canada overland, and spent a week there.

It appears that I have Canadian Residency. I believe that this is from when I was an infant and I lived in Canada with my father, who has since died.

I have spent 1 week in the last 5 years in Canada. Before that, I occasionally visited for holidays, perhaps a total of 3 months over 40 years. I was allowed entry, as the Canadian Immigration computer system had not been connected fully, and hence the immigration officials didn't know that I had a Permanent Residency and that actually I needed a Permanent Resident Travel Document.

I am trying to go to Canada this summer to see family.

My options are:
1) renounce my residency
2) apply as a resident, and apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document

I have been told that to do #1 is easy and then I'll be treating as any British Citizen.

However, I'd like to understand #2. Given that I've barely spent any time in Canada in the last 40 years, have I actually got any real chance of getting a Permanent Resident Travel Document? And if one day I wanted to actually move to Canada, would my Permanent Resident status have any bearing?

Thank you :)